Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

At Lochard Energy, our principles and values guide our decision making and behaviours which reflect our commitment to our customers, the community and each other. We are committed to conducting our business with honesty, integrity, in accordance with high legal and ethical standards, and with respect for each other and with those whom we do business.

Lochard Energy implemented a Code of Conduct, which aims to promote and strengthen our reputation by establishing a standard of performance, behaviours, professionalism and integrity for all of our people with respect to their conduct.

Whistleblower Protection Policy

Lochard Energy is committed to a culture of compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance. All employees are encouraged to report any matters or behaviours which they genuinely believe to be in contravention of Lochard Energy’s Code of Conduct, policies or the Law. Lochard Energy’s whistleblower policy supports and protects individuals who believe that any individual or group in the organisation is engaged in illegal or unethical behaviour and bring forward a whistleblowing report. Lochard Energy has engaged ‘Your Call’ as its independent external service provider to receive whistleblowing reports.

Please click here to read our Whistleblower Policy.

Risk Management

The Lochard Energy Board places considerable importance on effective risk management and has adopted a Risk Framework for the oversight and management of material business and operational risks. The Lochard Energy Risk Framework is designed to proactively identify, assess and manage risks.