H2RESTORE Benefits

H2RESTORE Benefits

Supporting the energy transition


Lochard Energy believes the H2RESTORE Project could play an important role in supporting Victoria’s energy transition and the energy system into the future by providing a reliable, consistent supply of electricity and improving network reliability.

By providing a secure energy supply, the H2RESTORE Project could help equip the electricity grid to handle seasonal shifts in energy generation from renewable energy sources and thereby help enable a smoother transition away from fossil fuels.

Project Benefits

Energy Stability & Reliability

By providing a secure energy supply, the H2RESTORE Project could help equip the electricity grid to handle seasonal shifts in energy generation from renewable energy sources and thereby enhance network stability, resilience, and energy reliability for Victorians.

Utilising Victoria’s Abundant Renewable Energy Generation

The National Electricity Market comprises energy generated from different sources and increasingly from solar and wind. Shifting energy from times of high supply and low demand, to times of low supply and high demand is critical to retaining energy supply reliability.

Long-Duration Energy Storage

Just as grid-scale batteries can shift energy within a day, underground hydrogen storage has the potential to shift energy within a year. For example, from a sunny and windy mild day in Spring to a cold, still Winter’s night.

This seasonal ­­­shift in energy is helpful in solving the “intermittency” problem of reneable generation and key to enabling the continued uptake of renewable energy resources.

Reducing the burden on regional communities

The H2RESTORE Project could help to minimise the overbuild of renewable energy generation infrastructure in regional and rural areas, thereby lessening the burden of prolonged project development on those communities.


Resource Efficiency

H2RESTORE presents a unique opportunity to utilise wastewater, optimising resource utilisation and minimising environmental impact. By repurposing this resource for hydrogen production, we enhance water management practices & contribute to water conservation efforts, promoting sustainability across Victoria.

Utilise Existing Infrastructure 

Leveraging Victoria’s extensive gas network, renewable hydrogen has the potential to serve as a cleaner substitute for natural gas, through blending or complete replacement. This ensures the continued utilisation of existing infrastructure, & advances Victoria’s environmental goals.

Alignment with the Victorian Governments Energy Goals

The H2RESTORE Project also aligns with the Victorian renewable hydrogen industry development plan, which sets out a blueprint for how the Victorian Government will support a suite of outcomes to drive the development of a renewable hydrogen sector.

This feasibility study aligns with ARENA’s (Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s) strategic priorities for optimising the transition to renewable energy and commercialisation of clean hydrogen.

This study also aligns with three objectives of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program: reduction in the cost of renewable energy, increasing the value of renewable energy, and improving the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of renewable energy technologies.

Job Creation & Economic Growth

The development & operation of H2RESTORE could create a multitude of job opportunities, particularly in regional areas. By fostering employment, the project can help drive economic growth & prosperity, empowering communities & stimulating local economies in Victoria.


Knowledge Sharing & Education 

Collaboration with institutions such as Melbourne, Monash, and Deakin Universities, along with organisations like CSIRO, facilitates knowledge sharing & innovation. H2RESTORE serves as a platform for research & education, nurturing talent & expertise in emerging technologies. This helps position Victoria as a global leader in sustainable technology development.

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