Environment & Climate Chanage

Environment & Climate Change

We accept the established science that demonstrates the risk of climate change, and are committed to supporting the transition towards a more sustainable energy future

Our Approach


The energy sector is a major contributor to human-induced climate change, particularly through the use of greenhouse gas-intensive fossil fuel sources. The energy industry will need to respond by taking steps to reduce the emissions associated with energy production and storage, reducing the use of energy generated from fossil fuels over the longterm and transitioning to alternative lower-emission energy forms over time.

Our approach to climate change and Net Zero embraces the following principles:

Clarity and consistency of strategy

We are committed to supporting the transition to a cleaner energy future. Our Net Zero 2045 goal is aligned with this ambition, as well as our overall sustainability objectives.

Credible skills and capability

Given Australia’s climate goals and ambition, as an energy company we need to have a sufficient understanding of climate change, industrial greenhouse gas abatement and carbon offsets in order to credibly participate in the energy transition.


Our pathway to Net Zero encompasses our targets, goals and commitments, our Carbon Abatement Program for our Iona Facility, our approach to environmental management and the development of projects that support the transition to a lower-carbon future.

Targets, Goals & Commitments

We have set targets and goals to reach Net Zero by 2045 


We maintain a strong commitment to being environmentally responsible & supporting sustainable practices

carbon abatment program

We maintain a commitment to managing our contribution to the causes of climate change

supporting the energy transition

We support a low carbon future and are strongly positioned to help enable a smooth energy transition