Site Safety

Safety is Our Number One Priority

The Iona Gas Plant is classified by WorkSafe Victoria as a Major Hazard Facility under Victorian legislation. These facilities are sites that store, handle or process hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods, including petroleum products that meet a legislated threshold requiring classification as a Major Hazard Facility.

While incidents at Major Hazard Facilities are uncommon, they do require a rigorous approach to process safety. To prevent an incident occurring, workers and management at the Iona Gas Plant focus intensely on operating a safe workplace, protecting each other from harm and ensuring up to date procedures are in place to contain and control an incident should one occur.

The Iona Gas Plant has maintained an excellent process safety record since it began operating in 1999, something all of us at Lochard Energy are very proud of and work hard to maintain.

What Types of Incidents Could Occur?

Gas plant incidents, while very rare, can include fire, explosions or the release of hazardous chemicals. In these instances, workers and management at Iona would immediately activate their Emergency Response Plan to ensure the incident is rapidly brought under control.


Preparing for Possible Incidents

Strict health and safety procedures are in place at Iona and are regularly tested and reviewed to ensure serious incidents do not occur. Emergency response exercises are also held to ensure all workers and management are well prepared for an emergency or incident on site. These exercises can include the Police, the Community Emergency Response Team, Ambulance and the Country Fire Authority.

Past exercises indicate both workers on site and local emergency support crews are well trained in what to do in the case of an emergency.