Our Energy Reserve 1 Project

 Providing energy security and system stability to our customers

Lochard Energy is proposing to develop a new, fast start dispatchable energy generation facility, near Benalla in north-east, Victoria, called Energy Reserve 1 (ER1).

This energy generation facility will use highly efficient natural gas reciprocating engines (GPG) and batteries (BESS) to provide a rapid supply of electricity at times when demand for energy is high, or when other forms of energy generation are not available to meet market demand.

Known as ‘peak’ energy, this energy generation facility is likely to operate for a few hours or days at a time.


Key Points

  • ER1 has the potential for hybrid technology with Li-Ion batteries and fast-start, highly efficient, natural gas reciprocating engines
  • Potential for 200MW/400MWh BESS and/or 200MW GPG
  • ER1 will be located in the Winton Glenrowan area, bordered by railway line and the Hume Highway, within Victoria's Central North Renewable Zone
  • Approx. 12km from Benalla and Glenrowan townships and 3.5km to Winton
  • 40.3 ha former grazing site
  • Limited onsite environmental constraints
  • Onsite connection access for gas and electricity & close to Glenrowan Terminal Station




SITE environmental assessments


EES and EPBC Self Assessment


Cultural Heritage Management Plan


development application approval

In progress

CONNECTION agreement finalisation

In progress

financial investment decision & start of construction


er1 in operation


Please watch our informative animation about transitional power stations, such as Energy Reserve 1

Contact Us

Lochard Energy understands that neighbours and the community may have questions or concerns regarding the proposed Energy Reserve 1 Project and we take community engagement and feedback very seriously. We welcome the opportunity to directly discuss any queries about the Project. 

Please email your enquiry to er1@lochardenergy.com.au and an appropriate team member from our project team will contact you, or alternatively fill out the form below.