Environmental Management

Environmental Management

We maintain a strong commitment to being environmentally responsible & supportive of sustainable practices

Environmental responsibility, and the minimisation of environmental harm, is embedded throughout our organisation and we continue to foster it as part of our culture. We are focused on complying with the relevant
environmental laws related to noise, loss of containment, waste management, lighting, land clearing and emissions.

Our Integrated Management System guides stewardship of Iona’s operations and includes an Environmental Management Plan, which is regularly reviewed and updated. Iona is operated to minimise impact on the environment in each of the key areas outlined below.

Water Stewardship

Water is a precious resource as well as an essential component of our business activities. Our water stewardship practices are designed to be efficient, manage risk and promote long-term water security for the community. These practices include:

  • capture and reuse of rainwater at Iona – no town or bore water is used
  • water produced from operations is reinjected into Iona’s Waarre formation reservoir for the purpose of aquifer recharge
  • regular groundwater sampling, with the results provided to Southern Rural Water in an annual report
  • robust management procedures for stormwater water quality
  • daily operator inspections of dam water levels and conditions

Where possible, we will protect and enhance the natural environments and biodiversity of the land around Iona and its associated facilities, as well as any of our greenfield development projects.

Large numbers of native plantings have been made since the Iona site was first developed, to improve the landscape and provide shelter to native fauna. Major corridor plantings were undertaken in 2000 and 2009 to establish a vegetation buffer.

Our Vegetation Management Procedure describes how we manage the natural  environment without causing harm to surrounding animal habitats.

Air Quality

We report under the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) administered by the Environment Protection Authority (Victoria). The NPI requires the disclosure of emissions to air, water and land by substance categories and thresholds. Our
approach is as follows:

  • conduct regular monitoring of non-GHG air emissions periodically throughout the year
  • measure site emissions using National Pollutant Inventory guidelines
  • report to the EPA as required
Waste Management

We are reducing our environmental footprint through the efficient use of materials. We encourage our people to follow the waste management hierarchy of avoiding,  reducing, recycling and reusing before disposing.

Our waste management plan focuses on:

  • segregation and recycling to reduce the quantity of landfill waste (segregation includes wood, metal, batteries, e-waste and cardboard)
  • collecting waste in separate bins to simplify the waste treatment, disposal, or recycling process
  • preventing waste materials from being scattered as a result of high winds, etc
  • waste recovery initiatives

New Iona employees learn about waste management processes during induction, and they are also part of the Safety and Environment Competency Based Training Assessment program for operations personnel.

Our prescribed waste bins are inspected monthly in line with our Environmental Inspection Checklist. Prescribed waste contractors are EPA licensed and approved in accordance with our contractor management processes.