Safety always comes first at Lochard Energy


Our philosophy on health, safety and wellbeing is clear – it always comes first.

We hold safety as the number one priority in all that we do.

Our HSSE Policy recognises that we all have responsibility and accountability for health, safety, social responsibility and the environment. This forms an integral part of our leadership and management of all tasks at every level of the organisation.

Our approach is supported by our Management System Standards, which incorporate health and safety plans and procedures to create a physically and psychologically safe workplace.

A Strong Safety Culture

Our strong safety culture is supported by fitness for work, competence and behavioural monitoring, which is particularly important for those in safety-critical roles. HSE training is provided through in-house training courses or registered training organisations.

The training requirements are reviewed so that personnel receive the training and are competent prior to commencing the task or role. In FY23, Lochard administered over 1,700 HSE related learning competencies for employees and contractors.

Our “Lead and Assure” program focuses on our wider Integrated Management System, the HSE Systems and Process Safety Systems that combine to make up the collective license to operate the Iona facility.

As a result of our hard work and stringent focus on safety, Iona’s safety record is very strong. We have set targets of zero significant incidents or near misses and have embedded these targets in our Corporate KPI’s.

Operational Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Response

Our Incident Management Procedure outlines the criteria that define incidents, hazards and near misses that are required to be reported, and the level to which they are reported. This ensures that each incident, hazard or near miss is logged and investigated to establish root causes and identify corrective actions. The procedures are communicated to all relevant personnel and specify the appropriate representation on the investigation team and define responsibilities.

Our Emergency Response Plan sets out how we will respond to an emergency event at Iona, remote sites or associated facilities. It outlines our initial response and declaring of an emergency, defines the  command structure and roles and responsibilities of each team member, and describes specific emergency scenarios and procedures.

In FY23, we conducted our annual emergency response exercise at Iona. The exercise was completed successfully, demonstrating our initial response capabilities are aligned with our Emergency Response

Cyber Security

Cyber security has emerged as a significant area of concern for businesses, including in the energy sector. Reliable energy infrastructure requires energy delivery systems that are resilient to cyber security breaches. We take a strategic, risk-based approach to cyber security to manage and reduce risk to the organisation.

We employ cyber security protocols and embed safeguards throughout our assets and operations to ensure resilience, and maintain strong controls to mitigate external threats against our technology

In FY23, we continued on our program of work to ensure compliance with the SOCI Act, which has specific obligations around cyber security and reporting of any cyber incidents. We recognise the importance of both regulatory compliance in this space and of maintaining best practice to ensure we are actively managing cyber risk.