First Nations & Reconciliation

First Nations & Reconciliation

Lochard Energy recognises the profound significance of reconciliation action and the integral role of First Nations peoples in shaping the cultural and social fabric of our nation.

At Lochard Energy we understand that acknowledging and respecting the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s First Nations, is not only a moral imperative but also essential for fostering a truly inclusive and harmonious society.

We are committed to actively engaging with and supporting Indigenous communities, seeking meaningful partnerships that go beyond mere acknowledgment. By integrating the principles of reconciliation into our core values, we aim to contribute to the goal of bridging historical gaps and building a future where the unique perspectives and contributions of First Nations peoples are not only acknowledged but celebrated.

At Lochard Energy, we believe that a commitment to reconciliation is integral to creating a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Reconciliation Action Plan

During 2023, Lochard Energy took its first steps towards reconciliation by registering with Reconciliation Australia to undertake a Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

We also engaged two Indigenous-led organisations to help us develop our Reconciliation Action Plan and a principal Indigenous advisor, who is a Gunditjmara man and was born and raised in South-West Victoria, local to our Iona Facility.  Our Indigenous Advisor is teaching us about the history, culture, and ambitions of Indigenous Australians, and in particular the Eastern Maar people on whose lands we operate with Iona.

We are also working with The Bulwul Njindiwan Group (TBNG), which exists to empower and grow Indigenous businesses and people by increasing commercial opportunities. We have engaged TBNG to review our procurement processes, with a view to extending opportunities for Aboriginal-owned businesses to supply to Lochard Energy.


National NAIDOC Week is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the important role, history, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It provides an opportunity for Australians to learn about the cultures and contributions of First Nations individuals.

During 2023, we celebrated NAIDOC Week with our employees, through a series of awareness-raising sessions and articles published on our internal Life at Lochard intranet site. Our staff enjoyed learning about the history of the Eastern Maar, Yorta Yorta, and Wurundjeri peoples, shared recommendations for Indigenous documentaries, TV shows & films and enjoyed some delicious bush tucker treats at both our Iona and Southbank locations.

NAIDOC Week will continue to be an annual event that Lochard Energy celebrates and champions as we deepen our understanding of Australia’s First Nations Peoples.