Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion is front and center

We put inclusion front and center in our culture and recognise that deeply inclusive cultures attract and retain diverse people.

Celebrating Our Diversity

We actively encourage and celebrate diversity at Lochard Energy because we believe that a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences fosters innovation, creativity, and a dynamic work environment, ultimately driving the success and sustainability of our business.

We always celebrate a range of events that hold significance for various members of our workforce and wider community.

These events include International Women’s Day, NAIDOC Week, Harmony Day, Women in Engineering Day and Pride Month and our staff take great pride and enjoyment in participating in these events.

Gender Equality

Lochard Energy is dedicated to promoting gender equality, ensuring a workplace where every individual, regardless of gender, has equal opportunities for growth, development, and leadership, fostering a culture of inclusivity and fairness.

During 2023, Lochard Energy had 32 female employees and 71 male employees, meaning that women represent 32% of our workforce. This is higher than the average female participation in the energy industry and a small improvement on last year’s numbers (27%).

Currently, the Lochard Management Team has equal male and female representation, something that we are very proud of as we recognise that diversity at the leadership level enhances decision-making, innovation, and overall business success by harnessing a range of perspectives, skills, and talents.